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Welcome Back Review

by Rajat Srivastav

written on September  3, 2015 – 6 pm EST.


Welcome Back - Read the disclaimer below !

While Welcome Back is promising enough to make you laugh in the breezy and zany first half, the second half breaks the promise blatantly.


Seems like Welcome Back's characters suffer from the Indrani syndrome (will have an explanation too!) Creating a genuine laugh-a-minute flick  is serious business and Anees Bazmee created one such formula with a fetish for English titles and forced us to be in splits in No Entry,  made us laugh in Welcome and to some extent in Singh is King and Ready too.


So while trying to welcome back the cinegoer, Anees Bazmee keeps showing snippets from Welcome 1. This is in order to remind himself more than us that he created a master piece once (compared to this one to say the least)! Thereafter all his extravagantly shot self-proclaimed laughathons have not only been super duds but have also left serious doubts about him on his ability or the lack of it to make one laugh.


While WB is promising enough with its punches and situations as characters are welcomed back one after the other in the breezy and zany first half, the second half turns into one ordeal as Naseer keeps saying Joke tha…but on the audience. Characters move from crazy to unfunny and monotonous, songs become bad to worse and to add , situations look borrowed from believe it or not, 'Main Tera Hero'. Sadly neither it has the foot tapping numbers nor the energy of the erstwhile madcap.


The good news is that it boasts of cheeky dialogues which save the first half falling in any kind of trap and remain entertaining enough. Sorry to spill but Nana Patekar's father wants to marry the fourth time as he hands over another sister ready-to-marry-type and Paresh Rawal gets an overgrown son this time…hence the Indrani angle who's Whatsapp popularity surpasses that of Radhey Maa. Dubai shines both in day as well as night with Burj Khalifa, Emirate Palace, Meydan Hotel shots as well as the scenic deserts do an unintentional favor to the tourism. Second half unfortunately looks like some other template of Anees Bazmee mistakenly fitted into this one! For example, creating a sand storm in order to ape Bahubali's ice storm looks so unnatural and meaningless as the climax is just not reached after not-so-stimulating foreplay OR the entire graveyard sequence which doesn’t even link to the movie should have been simply edited. The PK tape recorder looks wierdly tacky as Rajpal Yadav makes a fool out of himself. He's simple wasted.

Anil Kapoor - Nana Patekar - Dimple Kapadia - Paresh - Naseer - John -Shruti -Shiney-Rajpal-Ankita is the descending order of who made you laugh the most! So you can judge performances required in an aspiring entertainer like this one.


Henceforth Anees Bazmee should put in a disclaimer that reads faster than the one in Mutual funds-

All my movies are subject to lots of risks like nausea, head ache and other similar repercussions. Please do not bring your brains along with you as we may numb it. Laughing is generally a good exercise and patrons are requested to follow a strict regime of laughter no matter at what, intervals including. We promise to be better in 'Welcome Again’!

And dear patrons, Welcome Back has a hidden NO ENTRY sign in it to help you take a decision, so Welcome Back - last time please - We promise no more welcomes hereafter !


3 stars for the first half and a minus half for the second = 2.5 STARS barely


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filmibeat.com 2/5

Well, if you skip to watch, you are not losing out on anything great! But if you are the kind who leaves your brains at home, then Welcome Back is your cup of tea!

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BollywoodHungama 3.5/5

On the whole, if you enjoy slapstick comedy that defies logic and have enjoyed WELCOME, then WELCOME BACK is surely a paisa vasool entertainer for you.

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NowRunning.com 3/5

Nevertheless, if as a comedy fan you are enticed to watch this 'comeback' film of Anees Bazmee - fully aware of the director's portfolio so far - you should most likely be pretty happy with it. Unless of course you went in expecting a Nolan flick, with each every scene playing out logically. No logic, just irrational laughter.

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NDTV 2/5

Paresh Rawal, reprising his Welcome role, is trapped in a web of mannerisms that only serve to enhance the film’s staleness quotient. John Abraham, of course, gets his share of attention in song situations and fight sequences, but the figure of Ajju Bhai never quite evolves beyond being a mere add-on. Naseeruddin Shah gives Wanted Bhai his best shot, but this baddie isn’t half as flashy or colourful as Feroz Khan’s RDX. Welcome Back is stuck in the past. Why go there?

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Glamsham.com 2/5

Shruti Haasan needs to have a session with her parents (Sarika and Kamal Haasan) for diction, body language and dialogue delivery. Just putting all her time and energies on her looks is not going to get her anywhere. She looks completely different from what we saw her on screen in her first film, LUCK. [She looked warm, sensuous and had screen presence then].

There's also Shiny Ahuja, the best thing to have happened to this film. A fantastic act. 

For him alone, I say WELCOME BACK!

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Sify.com 3/5

This constantly hyperbolic film- at all times- is loud, unsubtle and silly. What makes up for this mayhem is the super-cool senior ensemble cast- Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin Shah. It is these masterful actors that put the mirth in this mayhem!

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IndiaGlitz 3/5

Music by Anu Malik, Meet Bros & Anjjan, Mika Singh is strictly okay.

All said and done, 'Welcome Back' the sequel to the 2007 money spinner 'Welcome' by Aneez Bazmee its true to its genre. Not a knock out rib tickler but pleasant throughout and is bigger and ambitious in its approach.

Those who have loved 'Welcome' will certainly find enjoyment. Nana, Anil, Naseer outstanding acts overcome the flaws and make sure that the lovers of buffoonery pop corn fun are in splits.

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TimesOfIndia.com 3/5

Frankly Anees Bazmee has pushed the envelope in tom-foolery and dumbass `ness' here. The film is a mishmash of garish sets, mindless action and screeching actors. It's a ham fest that is comparable to brain dead cinema of yore. The saving grace is, some smart one-liners and heartfelt performances. Anil and Nana must be credited for convincingly playing jokers; kudos to Dimple, Paresh and Naseer for letting go. Surely, the stellar cast has done this film either for a handsome payment or in the sincere hope that it will reign at the box office.

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